Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Batter Up!

OK. Now baseball gets serious. The American League Championship Series starts tonight in Oakland, with the Wild-Card Tigers facing the West Division Champion Oakland Athletics. How cool is this? Both divisional series were entertaining. Oakland's games in Minnesota were nail-biters until big innings later in the game, and the Tigers were just amazing to watch in their final two games against the Yankees.

I'm an American League guy. The National League Championship Series between the Cardinals and the Mets is only slightly interesting to me. It will get more attention because the biggest draws will be in bigger media markets. However the American League, for my money is where it is at. You have two smaller market teams. The Tigers are just three years removed from a 119-loss season. Everyone wondered if the A's could make it out of the division series.

To rip off a phrase from Major League Baseball, I LIVE FOR THIS!

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Fred said...

I'm an NL guy - I grew up rooting for the Mets when I lived on Long Island. I hated the Yankees.

I don't know...ever since the drug scandals broke and baseball fought cleaning up the game, I've drifted away.