Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's finally here

Well, the day that's been six months in the making finally came. We got the keys to our house today. We signed our contract on October 20th. We signed the loan and title documents on April 20th. We got to the house a little after 3 p.m. to do one final walk-through with our Customer Service Manager, signed a couple of documents and then got our keys. We finished up with our window covering guy (or the blind guy as Brian and I now refer to him as), and then we were all alone.

All alone in our new house. It's ours. I still don't think it's real and I am waiting for someone to come by and say it isn't. We had dinner in the house tonight and then basically hung out there and picked out our carpet. I won't think it is real until our furniture is in and we actually are sleeping there.

But for now, we have the keys and Amy and I are going to be so happy there and I can't think of anyone that I'd rather be doing this with...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

An American Idol Rant

To a certain extent, I am cursing my lovely bride-to-be for getting me sucked into this insidious show. I actually find myself caring about who goes home and who stays. Like tonight. There was only one truly sub-par performance and it wasn't Ace! That bites! I'm afraid that he'll get to stay around another week, which I'm not sure if I can stand. However, since he strayed from his typical uniform, maybe his adoring demographic base will abandon him this week.

Anyway, I vote for who I voted for, and will hope that Ace (or is it Bret...) goes home tomorrow night.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Real Estate Updates

A few random thoughts before heading off to bed:
  1. My house officially "closed" on Friday. Just in time for me to take the proceeds and write the down payment on the new house.
  2. The new house is damn near done. It's looks FANTASTIC. We'll still be picky when we do our walkthrough, but things are really coming together.
  3. We bought our appliances over the weekend. Got killer deals at The Great Indoors. Better prices on Kenmore products than Sears. Can you believe it?
  4. For the record, we got a 25 cubic foot French Door, bottom freezer fridge with an ice maker and water dispenser. Very cool. The washer is a High Efficiency Top Loading washer, with the matching dryer.
  5. Meeting the carpet guy and a blind company out at the house tomorrow for measurements. Let the fun begin!
  6. Looks like I'm going back to India in a month or so. Guess this means I should go in for the second Hepatitis A and B shot.
  7. My boss is on vacation this week. It's good because I don't have him bugging me. It's bad because he left me covering his position.

That's all for now. It's nap time and I have a call at 6:30 tomorrow morning...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Doors and Windows

Yesterday was a big day. I had my appointment at the title company to sign my Seller's Packet. I grimaced when I signed the addendum changing the sale date from the 28th to the 14th. Stupid buyer wrote that in the initial offer and it's going to cost me $600. Oh well. Need to let it go.

But there is something about selling a house - especially your first house - that is sad. While I only lived there a little more than two years, I wasn't there as long as I thought I was going to be. But then again, I had no idea I was going to meet Amy. And that's what brings it all back into perspective for me. While I was literally closing the door on one stage of my life, I am moving on to such a better place.

There is always a sentimental portion to packing. I came across a lot of old stuff that brought back a lot of memories, both of times in the house and times from further in the past. It was kind of fun thinking through it.

A couple of random thoughts to go along with this. As most of you know, I spent my entire life in Las Vegas living in the Henderson/Green Valley area. I knew the Eastern corridor south of the Beltway was congested, but it was really bad yesterday. If I didn't know how much houses went for in Seven Hills and Anthem, I might feel bad for the people living out there. I just know I'm glad I am not going to be one of them.

While I didn't think that it was Bucky's time to go on American Idol, I would agree with some of the other posts out there that as long as Ace keeps showing off his arms and those "deer in the headlights" eyes, there is a faction that won't abandon him.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Commercial vs. Non-Commercial Radio

This morning, I was once again reminded why I hate commercial radio. More specifically, why I hate a specific morning show. Anyway, as I listened to the mundane details of why someone was annoyed because they drank out of the wrong water bottle and the commotion that surrounded it, I had to control myself from screaming. If it wasn't the alarm clock too, it could have founds itself punted down the block. This is a station that I have had many frustrations with, but I can usually deal because Amy likes listening to them in the morning while she gets ready for work.

In the past, I've used public radio as my escape. That was helpful at drive time, but I didn't get to hear much music (not that you do on commercial radio these days either, but still). I decided this year to pledge some money to the local public radio station because I find they provide a valueable service.

I've since added satellite radio to my line up and that rocks. I'm going to have to find some new stations as one of the ones I listen to regularly is about to add commercials, but XM is creating a commercial-free alternative for that station, so it'll work.

I'm I alone in being fed up with commercial radio? I supposed not, but would like to hear some thoughts from you all out there.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

But Pooky...

A few snippets while I try to get "The Tango Maureen" from Rent out of my head...
  1. Amy and I saw Rent on stage on Sunday afternoon. Very enjoyable. Better than the movie, although I thought Rosario Dawson was a weak Mimi...this chick in the stage version was worse.
  2. Mitch and Samantha were in town this week. Made for a long Monday and Tuesday, but we had a good time hanging out with them.
  3. So what sucks about friends coming into town, especially living in Las Vegas, is that people are on vacation and want to party. We can't always take off of work when they are here, so it just makes for some long nights and days afterward.
  4. Getting things moving forward again on all sorts of fronts. Reviewed the engagement photos and we are now making a concerted effort to eat healthier and reduce our calorie count. Next step - back in the gym!
  5. I will be completely moved out of my house this weekend. The closing date is set from April 14th
  6. Busy sports weekend. 51s game on Friday, hockey game on Saturday. However, at least we know our weekend plans!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

General Musings and Life Update

A few things are bouncing around in my head on this fine spring morning:
  1. I moved the vast majority of my stuff yesterday. The move took nearly 5 hours. The movers were extraordinarily slow to the point I am going to complain. I knew it would take long than my typical move, but still. And there still wasn't enough room in the storage unit for everything.
  2. Today is the first anniverary of Amy's and my first date. She really liked her gift, which made me happy.
  3. I am watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan again this morning for like the 50th time or something sick. This is the best of all the Star Trek movies, but I have a hard time recalling most of the movies with the The Next Generation cast. I think it's because, as a friend of mine once put it, they were just two hour long TV episodes on the big screen.
  4. I am trying to come up with a solid post on organized religion and my thoughts on it. Haven't had the chance to really flush out my statements, but it's coming.
  5. Today is Opening Day for Major League Baseball! Tomorrow the fun really starts. I may have to set myself up downstairs for that...
  6. The Sabres are in a little bit of a tailspin. Hopefully they can pull themselves out of it before the playoffs.
  7. We sign the docs on our house in less than three weeks!
  8. I am now re-addicted to the game Civilization. I spent numerous hours during my undergrad years playing this game. It's a cool game, and I remember why. Too bad I installed it on Amy's desktop instead of the laptop. Might have to do that so Amy and I can be up here at the same time.