Thursday, April 12, 2007

What a week

Talk about a three-for-all...

First, we have all the flak over Imus' comments about the Rutgers Women's Basketball team. While his choice of words were poor, and I can certainly see him getting dropped from the TV simulcast (which didn't bring in that much revenue), but did his radio show really need to be cancelled? There is a really good Time article that asks where is the line these days? Is this true racism or simply a poor word choice?

Second, we have the charges being dropped against the former Duke Lacrosse players. Now, I've been to some parties in my day and various college team houses (at my school, it was the rugby team), and yes hormones and alcohol don't make a good mix. Were they the victim of an overzealous DA? Yep. This is part of the problem with elected officials anymore (judges and DAs specifically). In an effort to stay in office they sometimes get a little excited - especially near election time. Was this all version of "town vs. gown" gone overboard? I think there is a certain tension. I certainly saw it when I was in school just not to the extent that I'm sure is the case with Duke and Durham. Tuition alone at Duke was closing in on $20K when I looked at colleges. I don't even want to know what their tuition plus room and board is these days. Now I hear that they guys are talking about suing. Well, to a certain extent they've lost more than a year of their lives. They are angry and looking for retribution. Plus, this has done a lot of damage to the legitmate cases of rape where maybe now these cases will be looked at with more scrutiny - and not necessarily in a good way.

On a lighter note, Haley got voted off American Idol last night. I thought she was cute, but I think it really was her time to go. Don't get me wrong - Sanjaya should totally have been gone during the semi-final rounds, but Haley was living on borrowed time too. Have you seen pictures of Sanjaya's sister? She looks much more normal to me (in other words - not a Michael Jackson-style stalker). So do you think he's going to make the top 5?

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Teri said...

The whole Imus thing has me really irritated. Yes, poor word choice, but come on. I blame the media for this one. I cannot stand Sharpton or Jackson. I think the old saying about throwing stones in glass houses needs to be applied here. What a joke. Jackson has said many not so nice comments about Jews and Sharpton about white people.

Yeah! I am glad Haley got voted off. I got tired of her stripper clothes. I think Phil, Chris, then Lakisha will be the next 3 to go. Yep, unfortunatly Sanjaya will be there for a while.