Friday, May 12, 2006

Bits and Pieces while I'm slacking

As I can't really bring myself to finish my weekly report, here are some quick odds and ends to catch folks up.
  • Amy and I are now settling into our home. The pets moved in last night and the home theatre is now setup. Starting to feel like home now.
  • The "parade of trades" round 1 is complete. A bunch of folks need to come back, but that's OK. The majority of the work is done. Also, figured out how to use the SmartBox. That's cool. Wish I didn't need to router, but oh well. Now I just need to organize that cabinet.
  • Leni's here for Mother's Day weekend. She came in last night and is here until Tuesday. I'm glad she'll be able to spend some quality time here and see the house.
  • After all the hub-bub of Chris getting voted off American Idol, I really think that was the best thing for him. He could have easily sailed to the finals and then get stuck making a Pop Album that he would have hated. Now he can practically write his own ticket.
  • One other thing for those that are belly-aching about Chris being voted off - did you vote for him?
  • Mom and Dad update - their backyard is nearly finished, and should hopefully be done by the weekend. They are uber-excited.
  • Booked my next trip to India. Working it in such a way that I spend a little less time away from home, but not much.

Talk to you all later...


Teri said...

I didn't realize your next trip to India was so soon... Please pack a camera this time.. we need to live vicariously through you...

LoraLoo said...

Yes, we want pictures!

I am looking forward to checking out that smartbox, I've not yet seen one in the new homes.

Ken said...

Teri - I'll see what I can do about pictures. I'll at least take a camera with me this time. I should be able to get some shots around Chennai this time.

Lora - The SmartBox is pretty cool. I just need to organize that closet now.