Thursday, May 17, 2007

A good night's sleep and other musings

For the first time in weeks, I feel like I'm getting a good night's sleep more and more consistently. Last night was the best. Maybe it was the fact that we packed the dogs to the kennel last night instead of today. Maybe the spa is working wonders. Whatever it is, I'm feeling more refreshed.

I'm actually glad that Melinda got booted off American Idol last night. She was a phenomenal singer, with little, if any, stage presence. She'd be another Taylor Hicks - appealing to a niche that really isn't in the grain of American Idol. That being said, I'll be voting for Jordin next week. I like Blake as a performer better, but I think he'd be too hemmed in by the American Idol machine.

Speaking of Taylor Hicks, I took Keds to his concert a couple of weeks ago. I swear we were the youngest ones there...

OMG, the spa is AWESOME. We've been in it every night this week. At 100 degrees, it was a little too warm for Keds, so I turned it down to 95 degrees. With solar heat for the pool and the spa, we are good to go this summer!

Off to LA this weekend. We'll have two solid work days and will be able to accomplish some much needed business items. I'm just getting so sick of these trips. They are very wearing. Keds is going to be careful so she doesn't get sick this time. I'm not sure her PTO banks can handle it...


LoraLoo said...

I'm definitely voting for Blake... although Jordin's got a better voice, I probably wouldn't buy her album - but I'm betting I'd buy Blake's. Melinda's going to do just fine.

You saw Taylor Hicks? I really liked him, but didn't buy his album (thus possibly forever changing my voting habits).

Glad you're enjoying the spa - and I hope you make the best of your trip to LA!

Vegas Princess said...

That spa is AWESOME! We so want one. Oh and the pool too.

Hope you have a good trip to LA and get a lot accomplished.